Reason for Park Plaza mall shooting.

Click the link below to hear LRPD radio traffic depicting the reason they shot someone at the mall:
shooter’s explanation

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6 comments on “Reason for Park Plaza mall shooting.
  1. Beau Strotman says:


  2. John Taylor says:

    good enough for me,

  3. A car is a deadly weapon and I believe he got what he deserved , protecting the public is a very big part of what an police officer's job and duty are all about !!!

  4. More Cops Gone Wild. Take the gun away from this creep. He has a history of over-reacting and unnecessary use of force. Better yet, drum him out of the force.

  5. Paul Nelson says:

    Seems some cops forget which side of the law they are suppose be on they need fired and never be able to be on any other police force. They need jail time they are not suppose to be above the law.

  6. Kathleen Cook Brewer says:

    Officer possibly stopped an abduction/rape/homicide…. stopped a vehicle being used as a weapon…. people don't like it…. should he have let the child be abducted or someone run over, and just stood by? I'll never understand people. Luckily, I don't care enough to.