419 N Monroe – Helen Gurley Brown's Home in the Hillcrest Days

The recently deceased Helen Gurley Brown founder of Cosmopolitan Magazine and author of Sex and the Single Girl, apparently had fond memories of growing up in Hillcrest at 419 N. Monroe street, Little Rock, AR. (Her family moved there in 1932 when she was 10 years old.)  Back in 1982 she called her friend Carol Jenkins to see if she could send her some photos of her old childhood home.

“She called me and was talking about the house where she grew up, and [where] her best friend lived in the 500 block of north Ash-and I went by and took pictures of the house and the houses on each side and sent them to her-and this it the letter she sent me back!!!”

That’s Pulaski Heights Methodist Church in the background. (we’re looking north, toward Lee)



2 comments on “419 N Monroe – Helen Gurley Brown's Home in the Hillcrest Days
  1. Oh, my Dad took her out on a date (nothing special). He said she lived on Spruce in the block south of the Methodist church.

  2. Jerry Dean says:

    I believe this house later belonged to the Jessie Hackney family when my friend, E.C. "Bud" Blair, lived next foor at 415 Monroe St. The PHUMChurch, where I was a member and sang in the youth choir, wasn't built at Woodlawn/Monroe corner until 1950, when its congregants relocated from what later became Churchwood Apts. further east on Woodlawn (formerly Fifth Avenue in the old City of Pulaski Heights). I recall PH church choir rehearsals, vacation Bible school, a carnival and Sunday school at the older church, where a Safeway (now Kroger) was built opposite, late 1950s. I lived on the next street east, North Spruce.