Bear tracks in snow, west Little Rock

Bear.Recent tracks in snow at Epernay Circle (just west of the Walmart on Hwy 10)I’m told these are bear prints by both a large-animal vet and a former Game & Fish official. Fauna expert Jane Anderson answered my question as to why a bear would not be in hibernation:”Bears don’t really hibernate, technically. Is not terribly unusual for them to go walk about. May be a young one that made a poor choice of a den.”The couple who took these pictures at their home tell me:
“Our property backs up onto green space since it’s not fenced at all, we have plenty of furry visitors. To our surprise, we discovered “bear paw prints” in the snow. This bear went directly to the sunflower seeds that had fallen from our bird feeder and then went directly back the way it had come, into the woods. We noticed fresh prints each morning, for the last three mornings, until the rain & snow melt, caused the prints to disappear. Never once did the route of the bear change. It always came & left the same way, which makes me wonder, how long it has been doing this? Only the snow gave away this bears routine!”

I’ve suggested that they consider getting a wildlife-camera.