A Strange and Threatening Note


Odd and threatening letter

This strange and disturbing note was found at the home of Drew Tyer near Rose and A street in Hillcrest early Saturday morning.

(You probably met Drew when he worked the front at The House GastroPub or more recently at Big Orange Midtown etc. He sends this story along with his blessing to print his name.)

“So, Saturday morning when I was going to work I found this in my front yard. It’s a sealed letter envelope with a rock inside it. I have dogs. I heard a thump around 1am and my dogs barked at it. I contacted the police and filed a report. I have NO idea who threw it. Real creepy.”

Here’s a transcript:

I love rubber
The dark, sewers, foul air,
Heavy metal, torture, death!
We lurk.
We are coming.
A dog barks.
The dog is disemboweled.
Then a family, only not after weeks of torture.
While each member watches slow dismemberment,
Sex acts vile, final death to each piece of trash.
Then a wood chipper
Voila no family!

–Rubber boys

Readers with clues or know of similar incidents are encouraged to leave comments.