Allsopp Park Swinging Footbridge

The Allsopp Park swinging footbridge was built in 1903 to connect South Lookout ridge with Kavanaugh. People could use it to save them from climbing the steep ravines to get to the streetcar. This footbridge became a popular vantage for sightseeing; it had an excellent view of downtown.

With the development of better streets, people stopped using the footbridge; and it slowly fell apart from neglect. Now, only the piers remain.

A while back, two Little Rock artists painted a mural on one of these piers; it’s mostly faded away now too but they posted an excellent, short video which you will want to watch.

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The old bridge photo came from a booklet called “Pulaski Heights – The Beginning” and you can find it at the Shoppes on Woodlawn.



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3 comments on “Allsopp Park Swinging Footbridge
  1. Alyssa Jenkins says:

    This is so cool! We should rebuild it!

  2. Jason Scott says:

    This needs to be rebuilt!

  3. Joe Jacobs says:

    "development of better streets" I think you mean taking the streets away from people and giving them to cars. Why walk across a beautiful bridge where you could stop and take in the view when you can get in your car and drive around the ravine. Screw the view and walking, I've got to get to exercise class.