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419 N Monroe – Helen Gurley Brown's Home in the Hillcrest Days

The recently deceased Helen Gurley Brown founder of Cosmopolitan Magazine and author of Sex and the Single Girl, apparently had fond memories of growing up in Hillcrest at 419 N. Monroe street, Little Rock, AR. (Her family moved there in 1932

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Invisible Crime in Little Rock

Most crime stories in the news got there because the police sent out a press release about it. No press releases were sent out about the following incidents, so these stories weren’t really in the news (with some exceptions). In

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Twisted Human Sculpture of Mental Disease

This happened at the Arkansas State Hospital a while back, as far as you know. I make no claim to this tale’s accuracy, but “You can’t make this stuff up” as the Bible says. There was a computer glitch and

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Mugging/Shooting behind Leo's Greek Castle Friday Night

According to witnesses and evidence disclosed by police,  a Hillcrest man was mugged and grazed by a pistol bullet near the intersection of Kavanaugh/Spruce late Friday night while walking home to 700 block of Jackson street. The following  narrative was

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Tornadoes and the Wicked

Arkansas immorality map since 1956. The streaks represent Arkansas tornadoes and their paths of destruction upon the wicked of this state. Notice how all the sinners live in a straight line like that. The dark areas represent righteousness and less wind.

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Protected: Nox Signum

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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ATM looted at Hillcrest Bank

First Security Bank ATM at 4936 West Markham Street (across from War Memorial). This still hasn’t made the news even though it happened 5 days ago during the morning of Memorial Day, according to a bank manager. An Internet news

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Message in a Doorway at Aztec Sun

2701 Kavanaugh. Door is locked and the store is closed with this strange note taped across the lock. (See close-up below to read note).          

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People shot on Thayer street

  Hear two minutes of edited police audio: Burglary and shooting on Thayer street What I’m hearing is that the burglar was shot  and killed by police outside the house. Just before that, the burglar apparently shot two residents or friends

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Pearl Street EZ-Mart Shooting & Manhunt

Four minutes of edited police audio of the EZ Mart shooting and search which started around 9:20 pm Friday, May 11, 2012. Click the audio for the story, but it appears that the clerk was shot twice in the foot and is

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