B-47 Stratojet Explodes over Hillcrest

March 31, 1960.

“Thirteen minutes prior to the catastrophe, a B-47 Stratojet had taken off from Little Rock Air Force Base with four crewmen on a routine training flight. The co-pilot realized at 15,000 feet ‘the aircraft was in a very steep left bank, the nose was well below the horizon, and the air speed was excessive.’ The co-pilot also reported that he ‘pulled the throttle to idle, punched the interphone button, and shouted at the airplane commander.’ The immediate corrections were made. Unfortunately, at that point the aircraft disintegrated.” [-from Bev Kinley]

At 211 Colonial Court: Mrs. Andrew L. Clark died while still in her bed as debris landed in her bedroom.

Also at 211 Colonial Court: One airman’s body was found in wreckage at the house’s rear and one body was lying on the house’s driveway.

At 509 Midland: The lone survivor was found dangling by his parachute in the house’s back yard.

At 314 Ridgeway: A twin jet engine assembly was found embedded into this house’s front walk way.

At 349 Crystal Court: One engine landed in this house’s back yard. The home owner put out the fire himself.

At Hill Road: Two engines were found.

At Pulaski Heights Athletic Field: The pilot’s body was found near an ejection seat. School children scavenged the body for souvenirs.

B/W pics by Arkansas Gazette.

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