People shot on Thayer street


Hear two minutes of edited police audio: Burglary and shooting on Thayer street

What I’m hearing is that the burglar was shot  and killed by police outside the house. Just before that, the burglar apparently shot two residents or friends or residents who went to the house after hearing of the burglary in progress. One victim was shot upstairs, the other was found outside the house. One victim is now dead.

From a neighbor:  “The criminal was shot in our yard then stumbled in front of Allison’s house where he was shot repeatedly. He was apparently reaching for a clip to reload his gun when he stopped in front of our house after seeing my wife. Our little dog was barking at him. When he was shot, the clip flew in the air and is still on the sidewalk in front of our house. He then stumbled next door. About 8 gunshots. Angie hit the deck when the shots started and thought the guy was about shoot her. She’s pretty shaken up, but doing better. Two men were shot three doors down before all of this happened. One is in critical condition and one is dead. A policeman got hurt, but is okay. The criminal is dead.” — Chet L.

Another neighbor claims that shortly before all this happened a black male was standing in front the house at 204 pretending to use a leafblower while a second person was inside the house burglarizing it.

Please remember  the FH story from a few weeks ago when two suspicious young black males (one with a leafblower) were being sought by police in Capitol View.

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6 comments on “People shot on Thayer street
  1. Sheryl Breen says:

    Too bad he didn't get life without parole when he first started his criminal career – at least then his Mama could still see him on visiting days now she can just bury her mistake. Thanks LRPD for putting down a rabid predator.

  2. Jeffery Lemont Stegall says:

    First let me say this its was wrong for him to do such a thing. The sad thing is people lost their loved ones as well. The neighbors did not do the right thing and call the police first and not the owners, because they wanted the owners to catch them in the act and hopefully do harm to the intruders. THE LOST OF LIFE COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. Before you comment. GET THE FACTS!!! To others belief he may not have been by himself. The investigation is not complete. Yea, my nephew is dead. He was not raised to be this way. Our family condolences go out to the victims families as well. This is not what we wish for. His mother is a GOD fearing woman. I am in the military and have been on multiple deployments. So please dont disrespect my sister or my family with your comments. Look in the mirror before you let such comment.

  3. Jeffery Lemont Stegall says:

    Plus it was on his mother's birthday, my kids graduation, and his cousins graduation. Have some compassion that we are going through some difficulties as well.

  4. I am sorry for your family's pain, Mr. Stegall, but your violent criminal relative murdered in the comission of a home break-in and robery. I would bet he had victimized others prior to this. He deserved what he got. The innocent homeowner and other person did not. I am sick and tired of the rampant theiving and activities that lead to violence against people who work for a living and pay taxes. And I am thankful this criminal has been stopped once and for all.

  5. Mark Eley says:

    Hey Jeffery-
    I was just checking back on this story after reading new postings concerning a shooting behind Leo's in Hillcrest. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry my neighbor lost his life and that your nephew took it. Can you tell me why your nephew was over here breaking into a house? It has sounded all along to me that he might have known his victims. But from your post it sounds like he picked the home randomly. As a home owner in the same neighborhood, random is scarier. Also, we all hear about all the black-on-black crime in this city. Your nephew as well as the guy holding the gun behind Leo's were both black and attacking white people. I'm not excusing some of the other blogger's angry comments, but I'm sure you can see that many of us are afraid to walk around our own neighborhood after dark or park in the dark alley behind our own homes because of people like your nephew. I have tremendous respect for our military and therefore have respect for you. I hope now that you are back from your deployments safely that you can find some way to engage the young black community and help stop the violence . . . black on black and black on white alike. They need guys like you to set good examples for them.