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Creek Turns Red in Stifft Station.

  The creek through Stifft Station turned red yesterday, but nobody bothered to mention it to anybody until today. ADEQ, the city and FH got there about the same time to try to figure out what it was. This is

Mysterious group surfaces in Hillcrest.

They call themselves “Nox Signum.” They appear in groups of 4-6 out on streets like Kavanaugh, mostly beautiful women in smart, paramilitary outfits. They speak furtively about subjects unknown. They withdraw to quiet whispers upon my approach. As a precaution,

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Will this man stop the Hillcrest Pug Strangler?

Strangler-Hunter, “Mr. Ing”, relaxes after an expedition into the Stifft-Station neighborhood in search of the evil villain who has attempted to strangle or molest several pug dogs in the area. The criminal he hunts is known only as the “Hillcrest

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