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Twisted Human Sculpture of Mental Disease

This happened at the Arkansas State Hospital a while back, as far as you know. I make no claim to this tale’s accuracy, but “You can’t make this stuff up” as the Bible says. There was a computer glitch and

Tornadoes and the Wicked

Arkansas immorality map since 1956. The streaks represent Arkansas tornadoes and their paths of destruction upon the wicked of this state. Notice how all the sinners live in a straight line like that. The dark areas represent righteousness and less wind.

Protected: Nox Signum

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Children's Vigilante Network.

Little Rock, Arkansas I am Lenora X, President of the Children’s Vigilante Network.  Never heard of it? That’s because we recently changed our name from Hillcrest Youth because it generated negative comparisons, muddling public perception. Our new name brings a friendlier “Sesame

New Youth Drug-Craze

  LATEST YOUTH DRUG CRAZE: Aricept……It’s normally an anti-Alzheimers medicine for old folks but kids are stealing it and getting some kind of high from this drug which they call “Grannies”. Popping Grannies is a popular after-dark activity for Hillcrest/LR

Nox Signum is now considering new recruits.

Hey kids! You may still have a chance at self-actualization after all. It turns out that the Nox Signum group isn’t fictional like you thought it was. —- It’s real —- you would be foolhardy to question that. Comment in

The Sewer Robots of Pulaski County

Stifft Station. This is a sewer robot. It has a headlight and a video camera. It is lowered into the sewer and it crawls up your sewer pipes with its rubber tracks. It records what it sees so that others

Hordes of Lurking Prowlers

FH Truth Meter: This story is only 20 to 60% true, depending on who you ask. Likely you’ve seen the inside of your local CALS library and developed a frustrated, awkward and unspoken opinion. But did you know that CALS

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Cultists Meeting Tonight for Solstice Rite

The strange group called Nox Signum, will allegedly be engaging in some kind of initiation rite during tonight’s rare astronomical event, maybe deep inside Allsopp Park or maybe right in front of Gallery 26. Who knows. Mr. Ing and I

Marburg, Ebola … and Hillcrest

[100% true story.] A local artist named Amy Edgington (whose work you can find in places like Hillcrest’s Gallery 26) once overheard a conversation wherein I was ranting about horrible infectious hot-agent level-4 hemorrhagic fevers. (I do that a lot).