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Police Incident at Riverdale Theater

“This was taken while waiting to get into the movies” – Christa Lawrence-Masters (Little Rock) More stories

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The Best of Forbidden Hillcrest

The Personal Ads Fashion Model Still on the Loose The Lime Council I am Edna Pug Strangler Sighted The Sex Defenders Hendrix College Professor Reveals Unwholesome Past Best of the True Stories: Alleged Catnapper Carried Book about Teleporting Cats Squatter

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House in Haunted HillCrest

UPDATE: Yes, it appears the rumors were correct: the old psychiatrist who died alone here was eaten by his 60+ house cats. And almost as strange: the cats were euthanized by animal control because “They had tasted human flesh”. I’m

He is watching you.

Everyday, he creeps a little closer to your home. He may be just a few houses away, now. On Sunday night, he will come for your candies. [Photo by Christa Lawrence-Masters]

Zealous Kooks Paper Hillcrest

A zealous band of rogue FH fan girls papered the neighborhood with homemade propaganda last night. I hope no panic ensues. There is no cause for alarm. Remain in your homes.

I am Edna

I am Edna Biggs, former prison inmate. And I got a problem. I need to hole-up at your place for coupla months. You don’t know who I am, but I heard somebody talking about you once back at the unit,

The Food Criminals

We got word that there were devil worshipers meeting in a beautiful house on Midland Street. The leader was said to be a respected Little Rock psychiatrist named Dr. Jerry Henton. We dispatched some guy to investigate…to crouch around in

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Breakfast at The Omega Man's

I once dated a Hillcrest girl whose favorite movie was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. My favorite movie was The Omega Man. Both classic films, but seemingly as different as they could be. The former is about a pretty girl in New

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Fashion Model still on the Loose.

The Harvestfest fashion show model who wandered away from the stage lights Saturday is still at large. Over a week has passed since her disappearance and yet fashion show promoters continue to deny that any of their models have escaped

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The Hillcrest Pug Strangler has once again been spotted. As you recall, he is the lunatic who mysteriously started stalking and strangling pug dogs in the Hillcrest area in mid 2010. Efforts to apprehend him have failed. Little is known

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