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Allsopp Park Swinging Footbridge

The Allsopp Park swinging footbridge was built in 1903 to connect South Lookout ridge with Kavanaugh. People could use it to save them from climbing the steep ravines to get to the streetcar. This footbridge became a popular vantage for

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Go Inside the Hillcrest Waterworks (Ozark Point)

The Ozark Point waterworks in Hillcrest, Little Rock, Arkansas. Very cool place. Built in 1938 in Art Deco. It provides 1/3 of the greater Little Rock’s drinking water, including NLR. The Video Come see us at Facebook.

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The Best of Forbidden Hillcrest

The Personal Ads Fashion Model Still on the Loose The Lime Council I am Edna Pug Strangler Sighted The Sex Defenders Hendrix College Professor Reveals Unwholesome Past Best of the True Stories: Alleged Catnapper Carried Book about Teleporting Cats Squatter

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House in Haunted HillCrest

UPDATE: Yes, it appears the rumors were correct: the old psychiatrist who died alone here was eaten by his 60+ house cats. And almost as strange: the cats were euthanized by animal control because “They had tasted human flesh”. I’m

Ghost of Halloween past.

Four years ago, on the night of Halloween eve, a very funny Hillcrest man decided he had finally seen enough and stepped off the top of a building downtown. Jumped seven floors from the parking garage on Scott Street. His

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B-47 Stratojet Explodes over Hillcrest

March 31, 1960. “Thirteen minutes prior to the catastrophe, a B-47 Stratojet had taken off from Little Rock Air Force Base with four crewmen on a routine training flight. The co-pilot realized at 15,000 feet ‘the aircraft was in a

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Ex-con Squatter Camp Hidden under Bridge

Empty squatter camp under the Cantrell bridge near Cajun’s Wharf. (A way point on the legendary “Road to Hell.” ) Campfire, Shoes, toothbrush, sleeping mat, letters, beauty care items, human feces. Hobos got no time for pants. Dr. Kaley appears

Head for the Hills!

Last week there was a rumor going around that we would be seeing the End of the World in the next few days. So we at Forbidden Hillcrest got our hopes up and started planning for a good old fashioned

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Lost World Discovered in Capitol View.

While searching for a lost frisbee, pre-schooler Celeste Caruthers stumbled upon a lost civilization in Capitol View. It’s probably Atlantis, or maybe the ruins of Old Maumelle (the pre-Columbian, Olmec Indian city wiped-out by chiggers.) She also found a TV, MagnaVox,

Mounting St. Mary

[This is our first story by guest writer: Dr. Lance Gastruy. He comes to us from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas staff and brings his detailed knowledge of Arkansas history with him. (Photo is of Albert Pike)] Did you know that