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A Strange and Threatening Note

  This strange and disturbing note was found at the home of Drew Tyer near Rose and A street in Hillcrest early Saturday morning. (You probably met Drew when he worked the front at The House GastroPub or more recently

Ghost Car

Ghost-car seen rocketing from bridge in Little Rock. Picture taken by passenger of small aircraft who was flying to Batesville for no reason. Image couldn’t possibly be a lens streak but we haven’t ruled out robot-missile attack. Pic by FH,

Masked Man in Hippie Costume Roams Kavanaugh.

UPDATE: Even though several people quoted below claim that is man is someone called “Sheeba” I have reason to believe this is NOT him. Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, Dec 22, 2012) this man was roaming Hillcrest creating a small stir with

Creek Turns Red in Stifft Station.

  The creek through Stifft Station turned red yesterday, but nobody bothered to mention it to anybody until today. ADEQ, the city and FH got there about the same time to try to figure out what it was. This is

Message in a Doorway at Aztec Sun

2701 Kavanaugh. Door is locked and the store is closed with this strange note taped across the lock. (See close-up below to read note).          

The Murder House

This story is true. There is a plain little duplex at the corner of Linden and Woodrow in the Stifft Station area of Little Rock. The Post Office calls it 132 S. Woodrow St., but people in the neighborhood just call

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A Boy, Hillcrest and a Nuclear Bomber

This is the story of a boy’s adventure when an Air Force strategic bomber exploded over Hillcrest in 1960. I believe his story to be true. “I was standing in front of my house when it happened. I had just

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Cultists Meeting Tonight for Solstice Rite

The strange group called Nox Signum, will allegedly be engaging in some kind of initiation rite during tonight’s rare astronomical event, maybe deep inside Allsopp Park or maybe right in front of Gallery 26. Who knows. Mr. Ing and I

Bombing Suspect's art once featured on Boing Boing

Mark Krause, formerly of Huntsville, AR is the man accused (falsely) by the FBI of placing a homemade explosive device at a polling place in Osage, Arkansas. He is a metal sculptor whose work has once featured on the website

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The Best of Forbidden Hillcrest

The Personal Ads Fashion Model Still on the Loose The Lime Council I am Edna Pug Strangler Sighted The Sex Defenders Hendrix College Professor Reveals Unwholesome Past Best of the True Stories: Alleged Catnapper Carried Book about Teleporting Cats Squatter

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