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Box Turtle Monsters

Photoshop? No. I saw these two monsters hanging around outside Box Turtle today. They were scuttling around in the street and lurching at cars. I hope they don’t work there. NOTE: Since nobody ever knows when Forbidden Hillcrest stories are

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BUSTED!! Alleged Cat napper has been captured!

Alleged catnapper, James Michael Anderson, Jr was arrested by lRPD and charged with 3rd degree battery.

He is watching you.

Everyday, he creeps a little closer to your home. He may be just a few houses away, now. On Sunday night, he will come for your candies. [Photo by Christa Lawrence-Masters]

Zealous Kooks Paper Hillcrest

A zealous band of rogue FH fan girls papered the neighborhood with homemade propaganda last night. I hope no panic ensues. There is no cause for alarm. Remain in your homes.

Drunkard flees into woods.

Around 11pm, after the conclusion of Hillcrest Harvest Fest, there was a two-car collision in front of Ferneau Restaurant on Kavanaugh. Allegedly, the truck veered deep into the left lane and hit the sedan. Intoxicated people on Ferneau’s front porch

Ex-con Squatter Camp Hidden under Bridge

Empty squatter camp under the Cantrell bridge near Cajun’s Wharf. (A way point on the legendary “Road to Hell.” ) Campfire, Shoes, toothbrush, sleeping mat, letters, beauty care items, human feces. Hobos got no time for pants. Dr. Kaley appears

Stone oddity emerges in Allsopp park

Private citizen builds pagan temple in city park. If you believe the official story, these stones were placed here by just one man. But how was it done without the help of aliens or Bigfoot or any mythic beings at

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