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The Best of Forbidden Hillcrest

The Personal Ads Fashion Model Still on the Loose The Lime Council I am Edna Pug Strangler Sighted The Sex Defenders Hendrix College Professor Reveals Unwholesome Past Best of the True Stories: Alleged Catnapper Carried Book about Teleporting Cats Squatter

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Zealous Kooks Paper Hillcrest

A zealous band of rogue FH fan girls papered the neighborhood with homemade propaganda last night. I hope no panic ensues. There is no cause for alarm. Remain in your homes.


The Hillcrest Pug Strangler has once again been spotted. As you recall, he is the lunatic who mysteriously started stalking and strangling pug dogs in the Hillcrest area in mid 2010. Efforts to apprehend him have failed. Little is known

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Ex-con Squatter Camp Hidden under Bridge

Empty squatter camp under the Cantrell bridge near Cajun’s Wharf. (A way point on the legendary “Road to Hell.” ) Campfire, Shoes, toothbrush, sleeping mat, letters, beauty care items, human feces. Hobos got no time for pants. Dr. Kaley appears

Mounted Police Patrol Pug Strangler's Lair.

LRPD mounted patrol stand vigil at the site of the most recent Pug Stranglings on Woodlawn. Shown here, the police are keeping a close eye at just the right time to catch their prey, mid-afternoon. For it is at this

The Sex Defenders

[Hillcrest based fiction] The Sex Defenders live in a weed patch on The Road to Hell. Back in the eighties, the shortcut from Hillcrest to Cajuns Wharf (which takes you under the Cantrell bridge) used to be nicknamed the “The

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Sighted! Hillcrest Pug Strangler seen behind Ciao Baci!

Hillcrest neighbors sighted the Hillcrest Pug Strangler Friday evening in the alley behind the Ciao Baci restaurant/bar. This was the first sighting of the Strangler after dark. He was lurking behind a dumpster and peering out at passers-by as they

Creepy guy in Foghat T-shirt seen in Knoop Park!

  A skinny, long-haired man, about 35 years old, wearing a tight Foghat T-shirt was seen in Hillcrest’s Knoop Park today. A concerned citizen followed him from a safe distance, but lost sight of him in this corridor near the

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Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man alongside the road at night? Perhaps on obscure stretches of country highway? He is thought to have some connection to Nox Signum. We want to ask him a few questions, also we need him to

Is this the home of the Pug Strangler?

This grand old edifice in the heart of Hillcrest (at Elm and Kavanaugh) was built to be a phone company switching station, but has it become the haunt of Hillcrest’s public enemy number one? We have calculated that it lays