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Alleged kidnapper Aaron Lewis arrested

Alleged kidnapper Aaron lewis arrested minutes ago. FH reader Adam Nash tells me that he pulled his car up in front of Razor Vapors (near Grumpy’s in WLR) to find Aaron standing right in front of his car. Adam called

FH on the FB

Most of my posts are put directly onto Facebook these days. Come join the spectacle at the Forbidden Hillcrest facebook page or browse the older and more substantial FH stories on here.      

If you haven’t yet entrusted your sacred email address to us then do so now and become instantly transformed into a self-actualized being. We’ve collected emails for 8 months and haven’t sent out a single email yet. How’s that for

Easter Seals Building Transaction

October 19, 2011 Last night I attended the board meeting of the Arkansas School for the Blind and Deaf, where the issue of the disposition of the old Easter Seal building was discussed in depth. The following is my understanding/opinion

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Hillcrest HarvestFest 2011

Girl at Fountain Traveling by wagon is best. Throngs of humans filled the street, with each Hillcrester behaving like beatific creatures. These men do so enjoy HarvestFest. Flu shots, what every party needs. Man on right looked very disgruntled I

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Hillcrest Burglaries since September 1

This is a list of burglaries which occurred in Hillcrest since September 1. It doesn’t include surrounding neighborhoods like Capitol View or Stifft Station. 901 N Oak (October 11) 510 N Martin 4403 Kenyon 4517 N Lookout 2905 Ozark 3417 Kavanaugh 3815 Lee

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Hillcrest Honey — The Videos

Hillcrest Honey is a neighborhood hobby farm in the middle of Hillcrest operated by Linda and Brent Walker. Their project started as an effort to improve the genetic quality of local bees. — At substantial expense, they buy breeding stock

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The Pug Strangler announces Wedding Plans

The creature that is called the Hillcrest Pug Strangler has announced his plans to marry Fox16’s Donna Terrell this Fall. “I want it to be a complete surprise to her, which it should be since she doesn’t know who I

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Frightening Discovery on Cedar Hill

A partially butchered rabbit was thrown over a fence and into a Hillcrest couple’s lawn around 4:30 Thursday morning. Their house sits in the Cedar Hill area behind the Rockefeller compound. The rabbit’s head and front paws had been sawn off

Deaf School shooting

Click this link to hear two minutes of police audio of today’s shooting by the Deaf School in Hillcrest The shooting apparently stemmed from an argument between two men at a youth football game. The game was being played at

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