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Lost Hillcrest Theater Leaves Surprising Legacy

This story is true. It’s now a parking lot for the Kroger store on Beechwood, but from the 1920s to the 1950s, it was the Prospect Theater; a 600 seat movie theater that was THE place to go. “In 1951,

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A Boy, Hillcrest and a Nuclear Bomber

This is the story of a boy’s adventure when an Air Force strategic bomber exploded over Hillcrest in 1960. I believe his story to be true. “I was standing in front of my house when it happened. I had just

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Guess which Heights/Hillcrest street this is today?

These pictures are of the same road/street. Today we know it as N. Van Buren (near F Street). We are looking north toward Kavanaugh at the top of the hill. The shop you see is the Kahler-Payne Antique store. The

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Arkansas State Lunatic Asylum

(FH Truth Meter = 100% true story) The Arkansas State Lunatic Asylum opened in 1883, across from what is now the Taco Bell on Markham street. If you look closely you will notice the different architectural styles of the two

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Forest Park in the Heights – then and now

Located north of Kavanaugh in the Heights, and bounded by University to the West, Taylor to the east and V street to the north, Forest Park was an amazing place. It had a 1500 seat theater among many other fun

Allsopp Park Swinging Footbridge

The Allsopp Park swinging footbridge was built in 1903 to connect South Lookout ridge with Kavanaugh. People could use it to save them from climbing the steep ravines to get to the streetcar. This footbridge became a popular vantage for

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Go Inside the Hillcrest Waterworks (Ozark Point)

The Ozark Point waterworks in Hillcrest, Little Rock, Arkansas. Very cool place. Built in 1938 in Art Deco. It provides 1/3 of the greater Little Rock’s drinking water, including NLR. The Video Come see us at Facebook.

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The Best of Forbidden Hillcrest

The Personal Ads Fashion Model Still on the Loose The Lime Council I am Edna Pug Strangler Sighted The Sex Defenders Hendrix College Professor Reveals Unwholesome Past Best of the True Stories: Alleged Catnapper Carried Book about Teleporting Cats Squatter

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House in Haunted HillCrest

UPDATE: Yes, it appears the rumors were correct: the old psychiatrist who died alone here was eaten by his 60+ house cats. And almost as strange: the cats were euthanized by animal control because “They had tasted human flesh”. I’m

B-47 Stratojet Explodes over Hillcrest

March 31, 1960. “Thirteen minutes prior to the catastrophe, a B-47 Stratojet had taken off from Little Rock Air Force Base with four crewmen on a routine training flight. The co-pilot realized at 15,000 feet ‘the aircraft was in a

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