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Inside the Beechwood Kroger.

A Forbidden Hillcrest mystery agent has brought us these exclusive and forbidden photos of the not-yet-open Hillcrest Kroger on Beechwood. According to skittish and unnamed sources at the site, sewer issues have been causing last minute delays. Crews were working

Ex-con Squatter Camp Hidden under Bridge

Empty squatter camp under the Cantrell bridge near Cajun’s Wharf. (A way point on the legendary “Road to Hell.” ) Campfire, Shoes, toothbrush, sleeping mat, letters, beauty care items, human feces. Hobos got no time for pants. Dr. Kaley appears

Head for the Hills!

Last week there was a rumor going around that we would be seeing the End of the World in the next few days. So we at Forbidden Hillcrest got our hopes up and started planning for a good old fashioned

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Lost World Discovered in Capitol View.

While searching for a lost frisbee, pre-schooler Celeste Caruthers stumbled upon a lost civilization in Capitol View. It’s probably Atlantis, or maybe the ruins of Old Maumelle (the pre-Columbian, Olmec Indian city wiped-out by chiggers.) She also found a TV, MagnaVox,

The Sex Defenders

[Hillcrest based fiction] The Sex Defenders live in a weed patch on The Road to Hell. Back in the eighties, the shortcut from Hillcrest to Cajuns Wharf (which takes you under the Cantrell bridge) used to be nicknamed the “The

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Is this the home of the Pug Strangler?

This grand old edifice in the heart of Hillcrest (at Elm and Kavanaugh) was built to be a phone company switching station, but has it become the haunt of Hillcrest’s public enemy number one? We have calculated that it lays