Famous Hillcrester Suffers Armed Home-Invasion

The house on 3800 block of Oakwood in Hillcrest


MORE update: An arrest warrant has been issued for a forth suspect named Robert Perry, B/M, age 24, height 5′ 6″, 150 lb. Robert was sentenced back in March of 2012 for a second degree sexual assault charge that had been reduced from a rape charge (statutory, 13 year-old female). He was out on parole.


UPDATE: Multiple arrests made in this case. This is info from LRPD about 3 of the 4 people arrested so far:

On 12-11-2012 Alexander Higgins was developed as a suspect in this case. Higgins sustained an injury to a finger on his right hand. Detectives responded to 1500 Buchanan where contact was made with Higgins. Higgins was taken into custody and transported to the downtown detective division. Higgins was charged with Agg. Robbery, Agg. Res. Burglary and Theft of Property.

On 12-11-2012 Luke Patton was developed as a suspect in this case. Detectives responded to 1015 Barber St. Where they made contact with Patton. Patton was taken into custody. Patton was charged with Agg. Robbery, Agg, Res. Burglary and Theft of Property. Patton was transported to PCRJ for further processing.

On 12-11-2012 Wilbert Champ was developed as a suspect in this case. Champ was currently in the Pulaski County Jail. Champ was transported to the detective division to be interviewed. Champ was charged in this case with Agg. Robbery, Agg. Res. Burglary and Theft of Property. Champ was transported back to PCRJ for processing on these charges.

Here is copy of the scribbled arrest report, which you may need Chrome to open.


Anne Orsi is Vice-President for the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers and lives on the 3800 block of Oakwood in Hillcrest. This week, she has been in the national spotlight because of a controversial church/state issue which has been discussed on Fox News, Drudge Report, Bill O’reilly, Limbaugh, etc.

Around 10 PM Thursday night she was home in bed, alone in the house, when she heard banging on the front door and the sounds of men entering her house. (Turns out she had forgotten to lock the door). She got out of bed but was soon confronted in her bedroom by three strangers whom she described as black males in their 20s, one armed with a sawed-off shotgun. They demanded to know if there was anyone else in the house. She assured them there was not. Fortunately, her son was away.

Her dogs weren’t home.

Anne wasn’t physically injured but she was held captive for 20 minutes or so as the three men looted her house, ripping flat screen TVs off walls, tearing out computers and electronics and taking jewelry, phone, cash, credit cards etc.; wrecking the house.

According to their overheard conversations, their names were Ray, Pookie and Lou. During their attempt to steal her desktop computer one of them cut his hand while sawing at the cables and left puddles of blood dripping around the house. One of the men found her sons Guy Fawkes mask and wore it around during the robbery.

Anne used Track My iphone to track her stolen phone to several location: Hanger Hill, Broadmoor and UAMS. (It turns out that the suspect, Alexcander Higgens,  the one who cut himself trying to steal the desk-top computer sought treatment at UAMS immediately after the robbery. He was eventually arrested at his home at 1500 Buchanan and confessed, according to police.

As traumatic as this would be for most of us, she says that this was not the worst thing to happen to her this week:

“Thursday I received dishonorable mention on Rush Limbaugh’s show for the second time in a week because of my public objection to a public school busing elementary school students to a church to see a play with a sectarian religious message. Fox News reporters and talking heads have consistently misrepresented the facts over the last three weeks, and as a result I’ve gotten hate mail from all over the country. Thursday afternoon a dear friend of 35 years apparently heard the Rush Limbaugh spot and sent me an angry email ending our friendship. Armed intruders in my bedroom at 10:30 at night just capped what was already a rotten day.”

Flat-screen, ripped from wall.

Sewing station, tossed.

Took the flat-screen, left the Stratocaster.

More stuff.





3 comments on “Famous Hillcrester Suffers Armed Home-Invasion
  1. Goodness, Anne, what an experience—and a classy response to the whole situation.

  2. How is she famous? Because she is making a stink about kids going to see a play? I am agnostic and think her issues with this are ridiculous and petty. I do agree that religion is a private matter to be discussed at home but this is not a sermon, its a play. We VOTE in churches and your afraid of letting a kid go to see a play? I am sorry that she was robbed however, this burglary thing is getting out of control and if you want to stand up for something then please stand up to this, lets get mobilized and protect our community before someone does get killed during a burglary.

  3. Val, I agree with your sympathy and call to protect the community. Regarding the stand Ann and hundreds of other freethinkers took in sending a civil letter of complaint, please understand that 95% of the information out there is “war on xmas” hysteria and/or flat-out incorrect. So one must be very careful where one obtains information or risk being misinformed. The facts are that a government school’s administrators planned to bus other people’s children to an evangelical church during school hours to watch a skit about how the worship of Jesus Christ is the proper / only way to celebrate the season. Strip away the sentimentality of old cartoons and the motive is quite clear – this was a proselytizing event intended to recruit people to participate in a favored religion, an unconstitutional government endorsement of a particular religion.

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