Frightening Discovery on Cedar Hill

A partially butchered rabbit was thrown over a fence and into a Hillcrest couple’s lawn around 4:30 Thursday morning. Their house sits in the Cedar Hill area behind the Rockefeller compound.

The rabbit’s head and front paws had been sawn off and it was covered in some unknown white powder. The attached photos show the rabbit along with the powder after it was shaken out and scraped into piles. The powder is believed to be harmless but it’s easy to speculate that its purpose was to induce fear, as any anthrax hoax would.

The couple discovered the rabbit almost immediately after being alerted by their dog’s barking. As one of them described the dead rabbit: “It looks like it was surgically dismembered…the dog had not gnawed on it.” Coincidentally, bicycle tracks were found in their front lawn (in the dew). They claimed that few bicyclists are ever seen on their street.

A formal police report was made.

The couple are well-known in the area and there has been speculation (by others) that this incident may be some kind of threat springing from a public online brawl which took place days ago regarding the West Memphis Three. One of them responded to this theory by saying: “I really just think it’s one of those weird things that sometimes happens. Of course all kind of things go through your mind”

Perhaps unrelated, the following report was sent in today by a reader:

“I came across a songbird carcass on the bike trail of Allsopp Park about a week ago. Methodically mutilated with a knife and I thought ritual was likely. There were also scattered mounds of yellowish powder on the trails, with an “X” shape at the trail-head. No idea what it could be. This was near the Beechwood mountain bike access.”

EDIT: I just got word that a similarly mutilated cat was found a week ago in the Allsopp Park south ravine.

If you have further clues, send them to me. Maybe we can unravel this mystery.

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7 comments on “Frightening Discovery on Cedar Hill
  1. Dead Rabbits gang from the five points is making a comeback. banging in hillcrest

  2. Natali Stroud says:

    either animals are turning to bath salts or there are some sick, sick people out there. my vote is sick people.

  3. David Michael says:

    this may sound weird, but I saw a rabbit's head about a month ago when I was at a party in hillcrest. I told rhonda about it…freaking creeeeeeeepy. Is this the rabbit's head??

  4. Gray Turner says:

    never seen any dead animals – but I see where people build weird little structures out of fallen branches —- reminded me of Blair Witch Project or something.

  5. It's Hillcrest. Nuff said

  6. Sounds like you should stay out of Allsopp after dark.

  7. Natali Stroud says:

    maybe the perp was confused and thought one had to have a rabbit's head AND foot for good luck……..