Guess which Heights/Hillcrest street this is today?

These pictures are of the same road/street. Today we know it as N. Van Buren (near F Street). We are looking north toward Kavanaugh at the top of the hill. The shop you see is the Kahler-Payne Antique store.

The first photo is of the Pulaski Heights Railway being built in Hillcrest. It was used to removed timber. This is not trolley track as had been suggested, although the trolley line did eventually go in on this road.

Thanks to Matt Gardner of the Little Rock Parks Department for figuring out that the old picture was of Van Buren Street. I found that photo in the restricted books section at the Arkansas Studies Institute. It was in a very old sales brochure called Beautiful Pulaski Heights. Thanks ASI.

Here is a higher quality picture of the railway



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