Harvest Fest Underworld Photos

Drunken hobos crouch behind most ATMs. Someone should warn this girl.

The humans have descended upon Harvest Fest 2010.

The gnomes are here too.

A pug on Woodlawn is startled by something stirring in the shadows.

I hope nothing unsavory is about to happen.

Before and after. Car wreck at the Valley View Apartments. See previous FH story.

Yard sale on N. Spruce Street. This girl asked us to swing with her and drink punch.

Pug on the street. A pug will tell you about his day, if you ask.

This guy was photographing a man in a skirt. I was photographing his date.

Does anyone know their story?

Kim Ray of Southern Lights Hoopdancers (Info via Erika Robbins)

They are watching some band, late.

Dogs will dance for popcorn.

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