Hillcrest Honey — The Videos

Hillcrest Honey is a neighborhood hobby farm in the middle of Hillcrest operated by Linda and Brent Walker. Their project started as an effort to improve the genetic quality of local bees. — At substantial expense, they buy breeding stock (queens) from professional breeders and develop colonies from them. The harvesting of honey was not initially a consideration, but by request they eventually began doing so and selling the honey. They use the proceeds to buy more queens and the rest is donated to non-profits. This year the funds will be split between Dunbar Gardens and U of A Foundation (David Bourne Scholarship).

I present here my three new videos about Hililcrest Honey each with images from the same events, but each with different edits and three very different styles ranging from Utopianism to Horror. — I don’t know why I did this, I couldn’t help myself.

For HD versions go here.

Video Version 1: “Sesame Street with Cursing” (5 minutes)

Video Version 2: “Horror and Dread” (2 minutes)

Video Version 3: “Sweetness and Light” (1 minute)





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