House in Haunted HillCrest

UPDATE: Yes, it appears the rumors were correct: the old psychiatrist who died alone here was eaten by his 60+ house cats. And almost as strange: the cats were euthanized by animal control because “They had tasted human flesh”. I’m not making it up.

An old, retired doctor who kept lots of cats died here; allegedly, his body was not discovered for some time; that’s why they gutted the house.

It is on North Lookout street. It was covered with thick brush and vegetation, but upon the doctor’s death, this was all cleared away. For some reason, construction on the house was stopped a while back.

What is in the basement?

Once a house is abandoned, creepy loners will want to lurk in it…crouching in the dark corners and peering through the cracks in the wall. That’s how they do business.

Note the chemical H2O2 inscription and old style print, Latin phase, and the word ‘HELL’ marked out.

[Above] Disturbed, lonely people often seek the darkness found under staircases in abandoned homes. From here, they gaze out at the world; watching normal people as they stroll past. They stare mystified at the warm, happy, glowing faces of passersby and daydream about their lives. When you encounter a sad forgotten house remember to give a kind nod, as living ghosts are often found in such places.

[Below] An Edgehill home can be seen across the park with its own stories, probably depraved ones.

I found no monsters here. It will make a good home again someday. More stuff.



3 comments on “House in Haunted HillCrest
  1. Gloria B Lane says:

    OK wait a cotton pickin minute – you gotta be kiddin about LRAS euthing the cats because of tasting "human flesh". Get outa here. When was this?

  2. Sandy Staat says:

    The article is dated "Oct. 30, 2010", no doubt spun for Halloween value. Might ask Tracy Roark about the cats. Would be nice to see an update on this property.

  3. Gloria B Lane says:

    Ya know, I'm slow – think the author was exaggerating; I forget that he does that on "ForbiddenHillcrest". They may have been euthed, but not for that reason. Sigh.