Is this the home of the Pug Strangler?

This grand old edifice in the heart of Hillcrest (at Elm and Kavanaugh) was built to be a phone company switching station, but has it become the haunt of Hillcrest’s public enemy number one? We have calculated that it lays at the epicenter of ALL the recent Pug Stranglings. That horrible creature may lurk within these very walls, but if not here, then we suspect he is close, very close.

Eye witnesses have described a man thought to be the Pug Strangler as: tall, skinny, 35 years old with long stringy black hair. He wears ONLY a tight fitting FOG HAT T-shirt and black leather gloves. It is thought he might wear tiny, short blue jean cut-offs but they are obscured by his long stringy black hair. His legs are bare and pasty white.

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