Masked Man in Hippie Costume Roams Kavanaugh.

UPDATE: Even though several people quoted below claim that is man is someone called “Sheeba” I have reason to believe this is NOT him.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, Dec 22, 2012) this man was roaming Hillcrest creating a small stir with his odd look and smell. The cardboard mask he was holding up in front of his face made some ill-at-ease. The following quotes from various people were posted about the man on the FH facebook page. (Does anybody have a picture of the mask?)

“Guy walking down Kavanaugh who had face covered with some sort of crazy mask. Scared us to death. Police questioned him inside Kroger where he was still wearing mask. When he left he took mask off.”  Looked like he had a huge backpack under his outfit along with some cowboy boots. Kept trying to go in businesses along Kavanaugh.”

 “His name is Sheeba and he is a huge hippie. He has done enough acid to drive one insane. Not that bad of a person really.”

“He comes to my doorstep regularly. Recently he showed up at 3 am. He is verbally inappropriate and when asked to leave starts yelling obscenities. I have tried to be nice to him but he is crazy. I think he is harmless but he IS annoying. He showed up two days ago, knocked on my door and tried the doorknob when I did not answer. He then caught my boyfriend’s daughter outside as she was coming home from school and requested that she unlock the door for him. UH YEAH – he’s a little scary. The police were called and he has been told not to darken our doorstep again. He continues to show up every now and again but will be arrested the next time he pops up for a visit!”

“I have been told about Sheeba. He was hit by a car & refused medical treatment which somewhat accounts for the physical impairments, but not mental. Haven’t spoken to him personally, but have been given the impression he isn’t so much dangerous as annoying/invasive (ie odor).”

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Photo credits: These pics were sent to me by two folks who wish to not have their names posted here.




6 comments on “Masked Man in Hippie Costume Roams Kavanaugh.
  1. George says:

    He is an extremely manipulative bum from Boston who will use his long winded intelligence/authority on some topics (especially conspiracy and new age nonsense) to work his way into a person’s life. yes he has done a ton of drugs in his life (claimed he took lsd for 2 weeks at escalating doses, for example), obviously he loves his weed and tobacco.

    Ive never heard of him hurting anyone physically or stealing but he is invasive once you allow him into your life to any extent. Come to think of it, he tried to get an acquaintance fired from their job of several years by lying to their managers, after the person had crossed him ever-so-slightly slightly. He has been in LR since at least 2004, first seen smoking cigarette butts in the Riverdale area and telling teen girls that he knew them in a past life. Definitely the former king of LR dumpster diving and hoarding.

    If anything else comes to mind, ill post it here.

  2. amnerika says:

    This is Sheba. I am 24 now and first met him at the age of 16 or 17. Like George said he has never physically harmed anybody, but I have seen him trying to form relationships with girls in their teens which I would find inappropriate. When I was 17 my girlfriend at the time was 16 and Sheba often tried give her massages, braid her hair and try to get her to do the same. I spent a lot of time around him, hell I even drove him to go dumpster diving several times. He can be somewhat stalkerish and either has trouble with or chooses not to recognize social clues. Like I said earlier though, I never have seen him physically harm someone, but I know some details from his childhood that would suggest he has lots of potential to be an ephebophile. I have not seen him in around 5 years, but after seeing this weird story the only thing that surprised me was that he did not have his flute that he loves playing.

  3. mister X says:

    its ridiculous that yall talk so badly about a hippie that is just walking down the street dressed differently from what you approve of or call normal. and even call the cops on him! but nobody does shit about the escalating darkness in hillcrest…pretty soon it will just be the norm for all the ghetto dwelling thugs from across 630 to be walking our streets at 3am!!! better step up and let it be known that hillcrest IS a Neiborhood for hippies..not thieves and thugs……hell they already took over ALL the jobs at kroger and are working on taking over crackwood manor!!! you know what im talking about but nobody will do anything about it! so just keep on calling the cops on harmless hippies you freakin sissies

  4. T. says:

    Whatever dude. I know him personally and the post below about him becoming extremely invasive is true. Sheba will only accept help on his terms and becomes volatile if you don’t abide. If you offer food then he wants you to pay for his tobacco. II have nothing against “hippies” – hell, I was born in the 60’s. This has to do with his choice to show up on my doorstep at all hours of the night and day demanding to be let in. When you start trying to enter my home uninvited there’s a freaking problem…get a clue!

  5. Zebu says:

    I do not think it is him. He has been walking with a cane for a while.

    Don’t believe his lies about how a group of teenagers robbed and stole millions of dollars from him.

    A small band of us, trying to help out the disadvantaged zebu, foolishly nursed him back to walking condition after he denied medical treatment multiple times. For 8 months, we paid his rent and utilities; we bought and delivered him coffee, food, and tobacco; and we regularly cleaned and washed him. We did all this while he treated us like shit. He cussed and screamed at us because we didn’t put enough sugar in his coffee; he defecated everywhere when he didn’t get his way; and he tried to pit us against each other in a degenerate frenzy.

    I gave up on him when he gave the keys to my property to someone so they could rob me.

    I could go on and on and on… Just please don’t believe his lies and defamation on those that tried to help him. He has nearly ruined many families in LR. Those, like him, with great potential for good can also cause serious harm.

    Hopefully he stops being stubborn and goes to UAMS or gets a ticket to Colorado or Washington and leaves us alone.

  6. Sanction says:

    Wow @Zebu, eight months. Such a gift for a stranger should have been life changing. I’m saddened you didn’t get rewarded with watching that growth for your generosity. It’s things like this that harden people from caring and respecting others.