Hillcrest Hit and Run suspect

Here is a very informative read: Claude Tubby Smith Arrest Warrant

Above on right: Claude Smith, lobbyist and former executive director of the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association.

Below: Claude Smith, accused hit & run suspect:

LRPD: “On March 18, 2013, at 10:00 Mr. Claude Smith, w/m, 9/29/70 turned himself in to Judge Lightle’s court and was charged with one count each of Felony Hit & Run, Careless & Prohibited, Failure to Yield to Pedestrian in a Crosswalk, Driving on a Suspended D.L., Expired Vehicle Registration and No Insurance.”



Police kill suspect in burglary

Burglary ends with police shooting/killing suspect at 14th and Brown street. Here is 2 minutes of edited police radio which starts with an officer investigating a burglary and ends with the aftermath of the shooting. (The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reports that the suspect who was shot has died.) More stuff.



Below you will find the office police press release on the matter


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                       Contact: Sgt. Cassandra Davis

On Friday, January 11, 2013, the Little Rock Police Department received information that two individuals had broken into a residence and were returning to that residence to remove property.  The Department was not provided with the specific address of this residence, only the general area of town.

Detectives from the Department’s Special Investigations Division and property crimes Detectives from the Department’s Downtown Division searched this area and at approximately 9:40 a.m. located the burglary at the west side of the duplex at 4521 W. 16th Street, observing an individual loading items taken from the residence into a gray Toyota Camry driven by a second person.  As this vehicle pulled away from the residence (with both individuals now inside), the Detectives followed it and attempted to arrange for a marked patrol unit to assist in stopping it.  Prior to the arrival of a marked unit, the suspect vehicle stopped just off the alley west of 1418 S. Brown and both individuals exited the vehicle and ran.  1418 S. Brown is only a random address for which the suspects decided to stop.

According to the Detectives, they gave chase to both individuals and, during the course of this, one individual stopped, appeared as if he was surrendering, and then charged and fought with a pursuing Detective.  This struggle continued for a few moments, during which time the suspect knocked the Detective down and attempted to take control of his handgun.  A second Detective now approached, attempted to assist and, believing that the suspect was about to acquire the first Detective’s weapon, fired at the suspect from his own weapon.  The suspect was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene.  The second individual was arrested without incident by other officers in the area.

The deceased has been identified as Michael W. Daniel 2nd, age 25, of 1504 S. Pine.  The second individual, identified as Marcus Davis, age 26, of 4115 S. Malloy, has been charged with Capital Murder, Burglary, Theft, and Fleeing.

Pursuant to Little Rock Police Department General Orders, two separate investigations have been initiated into this matter.  The first, conducted by the Department’s Major Crimes Division, will be submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office when completed for a review and determination as to compliance with Arkansas law; the second, conducted by the Department’s Professional Standards Section, is charged with determining whether the Detectives involved acted in accordance with Departmental policies.

Both Detectives have been placed on administrative leave as required by Departmental policy and the investigations are continuing in this matter.  One Detective received minor injuries during the struggle which do not appear to require hospitalization.

Additional information will be made available by the Department as the investigations continue.


Witness calls for help on injured officer’s mic


According to police, Donovan Fulton, age 33, of Hirschy Lane, ran over police officer Linda Allen after she caught him shoplifting a bottle of wine at the Valero on Stagecoach around noon today. A witness aided the injured officer and called for assistance on the officer’s radio. Within 30 minutes police had tracked down the suspect at an Exxon station on Scott Hamilton/I-30 where police say he was demanding beer and cigarettes from a clerk at knife point. He was arrested and charged with a few felonies including first degree battery and robbery.

Listen to 3 minutes of interesting, condensed police audio in which a good Samaritan picks up the injured officer’s mic and calls for assistance from police: Here’s The Audio

By the end of this short audio (edited down from 25 minutes of real-time police radio) they have their suspect in custody. I’m told that the injured officer has a concussion and is staying the night in hospital for observation.

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Bear tracks in snow, west Little Rock

Bear.Recent tracks in snow at Epernay Circle (just west of the Walmart on Hwy 10)I’m told these are bear prints by both a large-animal vet and a former Game & Fish official. Fauna expert Jane Anderson answered my question as to why a bear would not be in hibernation:”Bears don’t really hibernate, technically. Is not terribly unusual for them to go walk about. May be a young one that made a poor choice of a den.”The couple who took these pictures at their home tell me:
“Our property backs up onto green space since it’s not fenced at all, we have plenty of furry visitors. To our surprise, we discovered “bear paw prints” in the snow. This bear went directly to the sunflower seeds that had fallen from our bird feeder and then went directly back the way it had come, into the woods. We noticed fresh prints each morning, for the last three mornings, until the rain & snow melt, caused the prints to disappear. Never once did the route of the bear change. It always came & left the same way, which makes me wonder, how long it has been doing this? Only the snow gave away this bears routine!”

I’ve suggested that they consider getting a wildlife-camera.

Masked Man in Hippie Costume Roams Kavanaugh.

UPDATE: Even though several people quoted below claim that is man is someone called “Sheeba” I have reason to believe this is NOT him.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, Dec 22, 2012) this man was roaming Hillcrest creating a small stir with his odd look and smell. The cardboard mask he was holding up in front of his face made some ill-at-ease. The following quotes from various people were posted about the man on the FH facebook page. (Does anybody have a picture of the mask?)

“Guy walking down Kavanaugh who had face covered with some sort of crazy mask. Scared us to death. Police questioned him inside Kroger where he was still wearing mask. When he left he took mask off.”  Looked like he had a huge backpack under his outfit along with some cowboy boots. Kept trying to go in businesses along Kavanaugh.”

 “His name is Sheeba and he is a huge hippie. He has done enough acid to drive one insane. Not that bad of a person really.”

“He comes to my doorstep regularly. Recently he showed up at 3 am. He is verbally inappropriate and when asked to leave starts yelling obscenities. I have tried to be nice to him but he is crazy. I think he is harmless but he IS annoying. He showed up two days ago, knocked on my door and tried the doorknob when I did not answer. He then caught my boyfriend’s daughter outside as she was coming home from school and requested that she unlock the door for him. UH YEAH – he’s a little scary. The police were called and he has been told not to darken our doorstep again. He continues to show up every now and again but will be arrested the next time he pops up for a visit!”

“I have been told about Sheeba. He was hit by a car & refused medical treatment which somewhat accounts for the physical impairments, but not mental. Haven’t spoken to him personally, but have been given the impression he isn’t so much dangerous as annoying/invasive (ie odor).”

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Photo credits: These pics were sent to me by two folks who wish to not have their names posted here.


Shootout at Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market on Cantrell Parking Lot reported

A witness sent this photo and provided the following narrative for today’s reported shootout on the parking lot of the Walmart Neighbohood Market at 2510 Cantrell Road:
“Around 4pm as I was sitting in my car after shopping at Walmart, I heard about 5 POW POW shots, a pause, then about 5 more.  I watched lots of people duck down between cars.  I couldn’t tell where the sounds came from.  [There was] a woman with 2 little girls right in front of my car. After a few seconds I got out,  asked her if we had heard gun shots.  She said “yes” and that she saw the shooting.  It was about 50 feet away from us.  We were about 100 feet from the front door [of Wal-Mart].  She saw someone in a blue car fire shots into a Caddy and someone in that car fired back.  The blue car sped away.  The man in the Caddy left his car running and he took off running around the Dollar Tree store.  Once it seemed clear the Walmart employees came running out.  A former student of mine was also there, she saw the shooting and told the same story as the lady with the two little girls. I took a few photos of the shot up car but a Wal-Mart employee told us to stop taking photos because of publicity issues.”
As far as I could tell, nobody was actually hit by any bullets. But this vehicle appears to have been shot at least once. There was an unconfirmed report that one of these men was arrested. More Stuff

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Gratuitous picture of mounted LRPD staring at me on Woodlawn drive.




Famous Hillcrester Suffers Armed Home-Invasion

The house on 3800 block of Oakwood in Hillcrest


MORE update: An arrest warrant has been issued for a forth suspect named Robert Perry, B/M, age 24, height 5′ 6″, 150 lb. Robert was sentenced back in March of 2012 for a second degree sexual assault charge that had been reduced from a rape charge (statutory, 13 year-old female). He was out on parole.


UPDATE: Multiple arrests made in this case. This is info from LRPD about 3 of the 4 people arrested so far:

On 12-11-2012 Alexander Higgins was developed as a suspect in this case. Higgins sustained an injury to a finger on his right hand. Detectives responded to 1500 Buchanan where contact was made with Higgins. Higgins was taken into custody and transported to the downtown detective division. Higgins was charged with Agg. Robbery, Agg. Res. Burglary and Theft of Property.

On 12-11-2012 Luke Patton was developed as a suspect in this case. Detectives responded to 1015 Barber St. Where they made contact with Patton. Patton was taken into custody. Patton was charged with Agg. Robbery, Agg, Res. Burglary and Theft of Property. Patton was transported to PCRJ for further processing.

On 12-11-2012 Wilbert Champ was developed as a suspect in this case. Champ was currently in the Pulaski County Jail. Champ was transported to the detective division to be interviewed. Champ was charged in this case with Agg. Robbery, Agg. Res. Burglary and Theft of Property. Champ was transported back to PCRJ for processing on these charges.

Here is copy of the scribbled arrest report, which you may need Chrome to open.


Anne Orsi is Vice-President for the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers and lives on the 3800 block of Oakwood in Hillcrest. This week, she has been in the national spotlight because of a controversial church/state issue which has been discussed on Fox News, Drudge Report, Bill O’reilly, Limbaugh, etc.

Around 10 PM Thursday night she was home in bed, alone in the house, when she heard banging on the front door and the sounds of men entering her house. (Turns out she had forgotten to lock the door). She got out of bed but was soon confronted in her bedroom by three strangers whom she described as black males in their 20s, one armed with a sawed-off shotgun. They demanded to know if there was anyone else in the house. She assured them there was not. Fortunately, her son was away.

Her dogs weren’t home.

Anne wasn’t physically injured but she was held captive for 20 minutes or so as the three men looted her house, ripping flat screen TVs off walls, tearing out computers and electronics and taking jewelry, phone, cash, credit cards etc.; wrecking the house.

According to their overheard conversations, their names were Ray, Pookie and Lou. During their attempt to steal her desktop computer one of them cut his hand while sawing at the cables and left puddles of blood dripping around the house. One of the men found her sons Guy Fawkes mask and wore it around during the robbery.

Anne used Track My iphone to track her stolen phone to several location: Hanger Hill, Broadmoor and UAMS. (It turns out that the suspect, Alexcander Higgens,  the one who cut himself trying to steal the desk-top computer sought treatment at UAMS immediately after the robbery. He was eventually arrested at his home at 1500 Buchanan and confessed, according to police.

As traumatic as this would be for most of us, she says that this was not the worst thing to happen to her this week:

“Thursday I received dishonorable mention on Rush Limbaugh’s show for the second time in a week because of my public objection to a public school busing elementary school students to a church to see a play with a sectarian religious message. Fox News reporters and talking heads have consistently misrepresented the facts over the last three weeks, and as a result I’ve gotten hate mail from all over the country. Thursday afternoon a dear friend of 35 years apparently heard the Rush Limbaugh spot and sent me an angry email ending our friendship. Armed intruders in my bedroom at 10:30 at night just capped what was already a rotten day.”

Flat-screen, ripped from wall.

Sewing station, tossed.

Took the flat-screen, left the Stratocaster.

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Creek Turns Red in Stifft Station.


The creek through Stifft Station turned red yesterday, but nobody bothered to mention it to anybody until today. ADEQ, the city and FH got there about the same time to try to figure out what it was.

This is in the Plateau street/Valentine area.

City workers tried to figure out its origin. The one I spoke to said he had never seen this happen before.

What ever it is, it appears to be flowing out from UAMS, according to these men.

One of these men speculated that it might be mortar dye from construction at the Hospital, which sounds very reasonable,  but I prefer to just assume it’s a river of blood. — A friend told me that there’s a zombie apocalypse book which sets its origin-of-outbreak at UAMS, this appears to be the book.

It’s looking like it’s going to be a red Christmas in Stifft Station.

This is the creek that crosses under 7th street, east of White Water Tavern. It is now a river of fake blood. Actually, I’m told that the ADEQ technician determined it to be some kind of dye. Mortar dye perhaps?

UPDATE: Here is the city’s press release about it:

“The water in Plateau Ditch in the vicinity of UAMS (Pine/Cedar & Markham intersection) is red due to a leak. This color is caused by a dye added to the UAMS hot water circulation system. The dye is not toxic or harmful. UAMS is trying to find the water leak. Under usual operations, the UAMS water circulation system does not connect into the City of Little Rock’s storm water system.According to ADEQ, this red dye does not constitute a safety or health hazard.”

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Thanks to Damien Thompson, Steven Eugene Smith, Kirsten Khanton and Anne Orsi for info on this story. (The forth pic from top was sent by Stephen. It was Damien who called the city and ADEQ and me about all this. Kirsten Khanton also posted about this story on FH. Thanks to each of you.)

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