Secrets of the House on Valentine Street

Jim Sjodin’s murder remains unsolved a year after he died in his home from blunt force trauma and smoke inhalation on January 23, 2011. There are no suspects and police don’t expect to solve the case. — The house is abandoned now as he has no next of kin to claim the property. It’s in limbo.

The incident was not known to be homicide until hours after the firemen arrived; leading to a contaminated crime scene making investigation/prosecution more difficult.

A lot of Busch beer was consumed in the house. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) There were also crushed Busch Beer cans under the house. I have no idea why.

At the end of the above hallway is the backroom in which Jim’s body was found. Presumably the fire was set by the killer to hide evidence.

Below is the media room at the back of the house in which the body was found; with books, music, videos and a couch.

Along with being the pianist at Highland Methodist church, Jim taught music in his home to young people. He also enjoyed the company of young men. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that). I mention these two things only because the killer is believed to be someone that Jim invited into his home.


BELOW:  The electronic component on the bottom has been disturbed; pulled back as if someone had been yanking on the cord.


Notice the odd scene below. It appears that someone rummaged the bedroom and began loading a suitcase with electronics, then abandoned it.

Jim’s car remains in front of his house.



This is a letter the City of Little Rock sent to Jim the day after he got murdered, telling him he needed to do something about his tore-up house.  More strange Hillcrest stuff.

David Koon of the Arkansas Times recently wrote a story on this case.

PHOTO CREDITS: FH and others who wish to remain anonymous.