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A Boy, Hillcrest and a Nuclear Bomber

This is the story of a boy’s adventure when an Air Force strategic bomber exploded over Hillcrest in 1960. I believe his story to be true. “I was standing in front of my house when it happened. I had just

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Allsopp Park Swinging Footbridge

The Allsopp Park swinging footbridge was built in 1903 to connect South Lookout ridge with Kavanaugh. People could use it to save them from climbing the steep ravines to get to the streetcar. This footbridge became a popular vantage for

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Stone oddity emerges in Allsopp park

Private citizen builds pagan temple in city park. If you believe the official story, these stones were placed here by just one man. But how was it done without the help of aliens or Bigfoot or any mythic beings at

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