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The Pug Strangler announces Wedding Plans

The creature that is called the Hillcrest Pug Strangler has announced his plans to marry Fox16’s Donna Terrell this Fall. “I want it to be a complete surprise to her, which it should be since she doesn’t know who I

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The Hillcrest Pug Strangler has once again been spotted. As you recall, he is the lunatic who mysteriously started stalking and strangling pug dogs in the Hillcrest area in mid 2010. Efforts to apprehend him have failed. Little is known

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Creepy guy in Foghat T-shirt seen in Knoop Park!

  A skinny, long-haired man, about 35 years old, wearing a tight Foghat T-shirt was seen in Hillcrest’s Knoop Park today. A concerned citizen followed him from a safe distance, but lost sight of him in this corridor near the

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Will this man stop the Hillcrest Pug Strangler?

Strangler-Hunter, “Mr. Ing”, relaxes after an expedition into the Stifft-Station neighborhood in search of the evil villain who has attempted to strangle or molest several pug dogs in the area. The criminal he hunts is known only as the “Hillcrest

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