Witness calls for help on injured officer’s mic


According to police, Donovan Fulton, age 33, of Hirschy Lane, ran over police officer Linda Allen after she caught him shoplifting a bottle of wine at the Valero on Stagecoach around noon today. A witness aided the injured officer and called for assistance on the officer’s radio. Within 30 minutes police had tracked down the suspect at an Exxon station on Scott Hamilton/I-30 where police say he was demanding beer and cigarettes from a clerk at knife point. He was arrested and charged with a few felonies including first degree battery and robbery.

Listen to 3 minutes of interesting, condensed police audio in which a good Samaritan picks up the injured officer’s mic and calls for assistance from police: Here’s The Audio

By the end of this short audio (edited down from 25 minutes of real-time police radio) they have their suspect in custody. I’m told that the injured officer has a concussion and is staying the night in hospital for observation.

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